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Album Cover Design


This is my first single cover design for a music band. For this song “Rak Sas” (Love so much), the band Alpaca Route allowed us to freely interpret and create our own design based on the lyrics. So, I based a character from the band’s name, which the artist said that it was a journey of a klutz alpaca (much like the band members). As a result, on the cover you can see an alpaca running on an endless, twisting road. It can be seen that the alpaca is not tired, instead he is very willing to run to his loved one despite obstacles along the way, and his feet already being on fire. The lyrics also express extreme devotion to the loved one and the need to have her by the side. 

Alpaca route 3000px.jpg

 The alpaca’s gesture is also seen in the MV so often it becomes a mental image. The song’s name is modified from the artist’s handwriting to better match the cover. Now you can listen to the song and see the cover on streaming websites like Spotify, itunes, joox, fungjai and others today.

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