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Pratu Phee

Display Design,installation 


Pra Tu Phee is the first display design work with a new workgroup. It is a story of Pra Tu Phee, a very old neighborhood in Bangkok that once had a “dead man’s gate” (hence the name) for removal of dead bodies from Bangkok city wall. It was deemed that such removal equaled freeing of the spirit to afterlife. We base the project from the RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation) exhibition we also attended. We started from finding a location within the museum and ran into a window that from the other side you could see the light coming through, so we set up there. We used pantyhose-like fabric because they were cheap and could be stretched a lot (good for problems we faced) and poles to hold the fabric like a tunnel. This project used a lot of time from research to setting up, but it came out good. Group cohesion was very high and everyone helped from the beginning to the end.

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