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Under the shade

of the Rainforest

Display Design, installation



Under the Shade of The Rainforest is a display design project inspired from a song The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, telling about the four temperate seasons. However, I and my friends thought about the rainy season which was not mentioned in the song. As we could imagine essence of the rainy season, we decided to create a project about it. We chose the deserted garden in front of our faculty as the location because of beautiful reflecting sunlight in the evening and natural atmosphere. We were inspired by lotus leaf in the rainforest and compared ourselves to bugs and small animals taking shelter under the leaf. The work was made from light-blue acrylic as water, yellowish brown acrylic as lotus leaf, and glass as glistering droplets on the leaf in sunlight. The acrylic is circular and can be put together, and at night the work glows like the lively rainforest.

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