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This is one of the projects that touches my heart so much: “Where is the freedom?” is a pattern book that has gymnastic patterns performed by people of all ages like from 5-year-old kids to retirees in the North Korean Arirang festival. Over a hundred thousand people perform, some willingly, and others not. Each pattern shows beauty for others to see, and each move is seamlessly synchronized. With a watchful eye though, one can see a sliver of difference in the crowd. It’s like a form of the old Photo Hunt game. I want to show that not everyone is a willing participant, but they do not have enough liberty or voice to resist. The patterned paper can also be used for real packaging, sort of presentation of a beautiful curtain North Korea wants the world to see, while so few would pay attention to the fact that some North Koreans do want to connect with the outside world but they are unable to do so.

Publication, Illustration


Where is Freedom?

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